Case Study



Unhappy with the services of their existing HR Consultants, DI started discussions with PACE Global HR to outsource their HR Services. It involved various rounds of discussions with the MD, India and global Head HR, USregarding justification of an outsourced HR service. The process involved providing a HR head as an implant, to be responsible for the entire gammut of HR activities. The DI employees were a spin- off from the company Intuit and so involved creation of an entirely new culture, HR processes, policies and retention improvements based on global benchmarks. The team continued their monthly reviews and deliverables not only with the Indian managament but also with the Global HR community of DI.


Optumsoft set up their India operations and engaged PACE in providing an implant to manage their basic HR services for a small team.Their aim was to grow into a successful corporation in India,aided by the best HR practices.Pace has been successful in helping them hire some of the best talent in the industry after a detailed process of screening and selection.Pace has also implemented a lot of team building activities to bring about a very positive workplace environment. We have also managed to create an environment of accountability ownership and growth.


Took over the entire HR for this manufacturing company with a employee strength of 2000.Pace is responsible for the HR and IR activities of the factory and its employees spread across PAN India. HR was earlier being run in house . The corporation was looking at areas involving Recruitment, OD, PMS, Statutory and process definitions . Based on continious delivery, the existing HR team of the company was also transferred to PACE. The team constitutes eight member implants at the client’s location. Few of the accomplishments include Defining of PMS and goal setting exercise, policy and process definition, hiring of the leadership team and complete support for all other recruitments.


Was the first resource to join the company and was responsible to run HR on an outsourced model. Pace built the company to 200+ employees in India and was later acquired by Accenture. The team consisted of 3 HR members who ran the HR systems and processes, having a dual reporting relationship with the Country Head India and the MD operating out of the US. Acheivements include ramping the team , Innovative HR practices, creating a brand value for the organisation . Retention of employees . The HR team was also actively involved with the acquisition of a smaller organisation with activities involving due-diligence and post acquisition.


While KRONOS was setting up shop in India and was at the incubation stage, PACE was engaged to provide a HR implant who would be responsible for effectively running HR in collaboration with the seed team in India and the Global HR team, US. The engagement included apprising the Global HR team of the best practices prevalent in India including statutory compliances.In collaboration with the team at Kronos, US, PACE also organised for a HR meet for the global heads in Bangalore.


Cyberplat, the world’s top payment gateway company utilised our HR outsourcing services before setting up shop in India. PACE offered their expert services in Statutory, policy formulation and hiring of the leadership team to commence India operations. PMS and goal setting was defined. Recruitment policy formulations in line with statutory compliances werealso implemented. Continuous process improvement and implementation were the key take aways from the engagement .

i2enery Inc

I2 Energy engaged the services of PACE for running HR for their team being set up in India. The HR team worked closely with the MD, India in activities involving Talent acquisition, Engagement, retention, PMS, C&B and review processes. The team was growing month on month at a healthy pace and required candidates with special skills and competencies.On discussions with the management, specific policies were defined for the smooth day-to-day functioning of the team. Reporting processes involved discussions and reports being sent to the corporate team in the US on a regular basis.


ernst & young


  • Succession planning, Job rotation and promotions
  • Training need gap analysis
  • High potential identification
  • Salary fitments for all Senior management members
  • To assess the aptitude and performance of the candidate using assessment center methodology, in behavioral and functional area, in order to obtain information about the applicants abilities to move to next role of responsibilities


  • Organizational alignment
  • Ownership and accountabilities of Senior management members
  • Mapping the individual competencies to organization wide competency dictionary
  • Compensation survey for sr management
  • Identification of high potential employees
  • Assessment centre process
  • Succession planning to leadership roles


PACE was engaged by Natural Remedies to first conduct a HR audit and then work on various HR interventions including drawing up a HR process-manual. All aspects of HR were defined keeping in view processes followed in similar industries across. The association concluded with a workshop for the senior leadership on making them more effective people managers and for working towards a better corporation.


PACE was engaged by the school to define the HR processes right from recruitment to the exit of a teacher and the reporting matrix. Each of the process had to be done keeping in view the AICTE norms. It involved detailed discussions with the key stake holders, understanding the various issues and putting in a process which was well accepted to ensure that the desired results were delivered.


PACE was engaged to define various HR policies for their India office. It involved discussions with the Management and the HR team to understand the objective of the project and based on a benchmark study, define the required processes and implement the same for the company.


Jashanmal Retail engaged the services of PACE Global for defining and setting up an Authority matrix for reporting and approvals. The process involved sending a resource onsite, engaging with the clients process requirment gathering and defining the process.


Petronash engaged the services of PACE to outsource their entire payroll services for their India development centre . It involved a detailed study, running of payroll covering all aspects and also advicing the management team on the C&B structures followed in India.


PACE services are engaged by this real estate corporation year on year to implement the PMS process for their management and workers. For the workers it is carried out in the local language. It also includes debrief sessions with the leadership on their performance and KRAs for the following financial year.


PACE was engaged to carry out an organisational alignment exercise by the KSPCB. The assignment included drawing up the organisational structures, definingJDs (Job descriptions) and carrying out a consolidation of roles based on the people available. The challenge was to draw up a new organisation structure based on discussions with the management, mapping the old structure to the new structure and realigning employees based on their new roles.


An engagement survey was carried out with the senior management of the company. The process involved making a presentation to the senior management team to familiarise and condition them on the objectives. Then various methodologies like psychometric tests, behavioural event interviews and personal one-to-one discussions were held with them to seek information and views. The consolidated feedback was shared with the main management team and also a presentation was conducted for all the participants to apprise them of the outcome and further development.


PACE has been offerings its Talent Acquisition services to various corporations. We work as a partner being an extended arm of the corporations recruitment teams, under the following heads:

CXO Level Searches

  • COO – Product Company
  • CIO- Manufacturing Company
  • CFO – Retail Company
  • CHRO – IT Company

NON IT Requirements

  • Sales and Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Quality, Human Resources etc

IT Requirements (across domains and platforms)

  • Technical hires right from Software engineers to Business verticals heads
  • Technical Architects
  • Freshers from Premier Institutes – IIT and NIT

HR Staffing Services

  • Providing HR resources on Staffing for Recruitments, HR, and Trainers

Technical Staffing

  • Providing Technical resources on a staffing mode for various corporations



A 200 plus IT services provider was looking for a HRMIS product wherein PACE sold the IoN product and was part of the implementation of both HRMIS and the payroll module. It involved putting into process all the facets of HR and automating the entire HR. Implementation process took about 3 months to complete. The challenges the company were facing was automation, including inputs for payroll which was also implemented by the Bio metric system .IT also involved process training to the employees and HR.


The KRONOS workforce management product was implemented at one of the corporations duly recommended and referred by PACE. Implementation involved installing the product at all offices PAN Indiai.e. more then 120 office locations. The ROI was seen from the end of the fourth month itself .



PACE Team of Legal counsellors provide legal counselling services to all Optum clients PAN india which include Fortune 500 corporations and Indian MNCs . Legal counselling involves areas covering – Family, Property, Criminal, and awareness rights common to employees while working in corporations.


PACE legal team offers end to end legal support to Cross domain on various legal issues including documentation, Contract reviews, Contract preperations and advice on various statutory compliances.

Digital insight

PACE conducted a seminar on POSH (prevention of sexual harassment) for all employees of DI to make them aware of the rules and regulations as per the laws in India. It also involved briefing the management on the formulation of the POSH committee and understanding their roles and responsibilities. Pace also set up the women’s committee to look into key aspects/problems of women employees and their rights.

PACE has also been conducting Legal and statutory audits for a few Telecom and Infra companies from a process and statutory point of view . Legal audit is also included as part of the process.The audit process highlighted the process gaps in the company and PACE continued to be providing services to bridge these gaps . Company name is kept confidential.


REVsolutions inc

Revtech solutions engaged PACE for conducting their soft skills training. It involved making a presentation to the CEO from the US on training effectiveness and TNA. It also covered various soft skills training for all members of the ODC. The syllabus structuring was done based on discussions with the management.

Altiux Innovations

Altiux engaged the technical training services of PACE to train their freshers on various technical skills required for their job. The process involved detailed discussions with HR and the technical managers, syallabus structuring and then carrying out a pilot training for effectiveness.


Developed and Implemented vision value on working together for future