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Performance Management System
“Performance Management” is the use of performance measurement information to effect positive change in the organization's culture, systems and processes. “Performance Management System” is a system to manage the performance of an organization, its entities and its employees by using specifically developed tools & executing well defined processes with clear inputs, outputs, timelines and responsibilities. A good performance management system is a critical tool to transform the capabilities of individuals and the entire organization.

We at PACE will set up a performance management framework that understands your business and helps you achieve your objectives. We will realign your existing systems with the best practices in the industry.  We will help facilitate the KRA’s of individuals and provide an objective appraisal and rating system to monitor /reward individual performances in the company. The focus of the performance appraisal is measuring and improving the actual performance of the employee and also the future potential of the employee. We will also help to automate your entire PMS process.


Steps PACE Intervention
Designing Appraisal System Will propose and design Performance Management system for the company in conjunction with the Head HR
Awards and Rewards program (monetary / non-monetary) Draw out rewards programs. Facilitate process and policy on the same
Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Draw up PIP program for people rated below expectation
Indicative KRA’s List out indicative KRA’s for all levels in the organization, in conjunction with Head HR
Train HR/ Managers and employees Design training program for HR; Managers and employees on proposed appraisal system.
Post Appraisal Draw up the process for post appraisal activities.
Automation Collaborate with its partner for implementing the online performance management system

Compensation & Benefits  
In these competitive times, we focus on innovative compensation and benefit trends in line with today’s changing business requirements. PACE will work out an industry friendly compensation policy for you or rework your existing compensation policies by aligning them to your business’s strategic objectives keeping in mind employee cost vis-à-vis the revenue as a vital statistic. This will be supported by strong research by the PACE compensation team. Employee friendly compensation structure is a challenge in India with the changing tax rules. PACE can help you package this within the tax framework while maintaining good tax practices. PACE also facilitates Compensation Surveys for corporations.

Organizational Development & Change Management
PACE helps implement strategies on organizational restructuring so that they can adopt better to newer technologies and challenges in this extremely competitive and changing market.  We evaluate the priorities in your organization, suggest a change-management plan and then guide the organization through the necessary changes. As the speed of change continues to increase, change management is a fundamental competency required by all the leaders in the organization. We achieve this by adoption of our unique ACE model with defined timelines, participatory teams, Service level agreements and process framework.

Competency Framework
One of the biggest challenges that Corporations face today is to ensure that the skills and competencies of their employees are measured and managed well and the rightful training imparted, in facilitating them to perform their assigned tasks efficiently and effectively, and move up the value chain. Competency models have a direct impact and relation to the various facets of HR like selection; appraisal; development and compensation. It is important to align the overall HRM strategy based on the competency Model of a Corporation, to the overall business strategy. PACE offers services on developing a Competency Model and the necessary alignments to the various facets of HR.
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