Girish Nair: ‘Pace’ing towards Strategic HR Innovations

Owing to significant shifts in the HR domain, a transformation is unfurling as the HR arena outstrips its traditional confines and roles, to emerge as a strategic business partner, poised to propel Organizations forward in the right direction. As Businesses and Corporations realize the gravity of maintaining their most attractive assets -investments in the human capital management system is growing multi fold.


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Stepping in a world which is revolving around dynamic businesses and leadership, the art of people management is the most fundamental element. 2024 comes with its own challenges and opportunities which are faced by leaders in order to effectively administer their teams which includes navigating remote work dynamics as well as breeding an inclusive culture.


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Girish Nair: Re-engineering HR for the Digital Future

The new age business reality is that organizations and corporations must be future-ready. To achieve it, companies have to re-focus on their Human Resource (HR) functions anew because if transformed and re-engineered for the digital future, HR can play a decisive role in the success of modern corporations.


PACE – One Stop Solution for all HR Services with a futuristic approach

PACE is an innovative HR consulting firm, providing end to end customized HR solutions across the globe. The Company specializes in People Acquisition, Culture, Engagement and HR virtual delivery through their e- Hr product which is being extensively used during these COVID lockdown times. Founded with the aim of partnering with Corporations and helping them achieve their Business and HR objectives, PACE has come a long way in creating and nurturing an innovative model that provides end to end HR solutions.


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The HR industry has experienced dramatics changes in its roles and responsibilities in shaping the organizations in the last couple of years. The role of a HR Professional has evolved from administrative, mundane work to more strategic and business-driven processes. In such a scenario, HR Outsourcing has gained popularity as it handles the HR issues in a company in an effective manner and helps organizations focus on their core business.


PACE Global HR Consulting – Practical Solutions. Exceptional Results

The HR department is shifting to a strategic business partner role and beginning to contribute to the top line of corporations. HR also is moving to be a Profit centre rather than a cost centre. A lot of investment is being made to the Human Capital management of every corporation and is experiencing changes which are determinant in shaping the organizations future in the last couple of years. HR outsourcing is taking shape well and CHRO service offerings are being encouraged and accepted by a lot of small and mid-size corporations in defining a innovative and futuristic HR framework.


Creating A New Era Of Enriched HR Services Through Outsourcing

The HR industry has experienced dramatic changes in its roles and responsibilities in shaping the organizations in the last couple of years. The role of a HR professional has evolved from administrative, mundane work to more strategic and business-driven processes. In such a scenario, HR Outsourcing has gained popularity as it handles the HR issues in a company in an effective manner and helps organizations focus on their core business.


How HR Outsourcing To India Can Help Your Business

In recent years, HR has undergone dynamic shifts in its roles, functions and in the overall impact in shaping organizations. It has evolved from being a support function to a business enabler with an impetus over a period of time. With the aid of service providers and the latest technology, HR has moved from being a cost center to a profit center and has become an essential component in achieving corporate objectives. The foremost HR organizations are the ones who have reconnoitered the latest technologies, hired skilled employees and paved the way for better integration of the digital and human workforce. People, Acquisition, Culture, and Engagement (PACE) Consulting Services is one of them and is an innovative HR consulting firm providing end to end HR solutions.


An Innovative HR Boutique for end-to-end Services of the HR Life Cycle

The concept of HR outsourcing came about to enable the CEO and Heads of corporations to concentrate on their core business, leaving the entire responsibility of managing the Human Resources to professionals in that domain.
PACE Global HR Consulting is an innovative HR consulting firm offering various HR services and providing proven methods for positively transforming the HR functions. The focus is on improved efficiency and effectiveness which in turn leads to better business results. PACE offers the entire HR life cycle services under one roof. “We innovate HR practices and do not benchmark other companies,” says Girish Nair, Founder & CEO.


HR Outsourcing the next best opportunity

After customer care services and medical transcription, outsourcing of human resource services or HR BPO was emerging as the next big opportunity for Indian BPOs with the global market in this segment estimated at $40-60 billion per annum. HR BPO comes to about 33% of the outsourcing pie. India has immense potential as more than 80% of fortune 1,000 companies will discuss offshore BPO as a way to cut costs and increase productivity . “HR opportunity is absolutely new. It is a sunrise opportunity with huge potential. In HR BPO, revenues depend on the number of employees the clients have. This is in sharp contrast to a typical customer care centre, where bills are charged on the workers servicing a client in the BPOs. Despite huge potential, not many companies have leveraged the offshore strategy. The main reasons for not leveraging the offshore benefit have been companies being undercapitalised or not knowing enough about the offshore business.

How HR Outsourcing To India Can Help Your Business

HR outsourcing services are very popular with small and mid-sized companies. Companies that are young and in the developmental stages often have limited resources. Rather than hiring HR staff full time, offshore HR outsourcing is a more cost effective and hassle-free way of meeting HR demands. Various strategic projects of an organization are looked after by HR outsourcing companies, giving you ample time and resources for other important core business issues

Execs say they will outsource any non-core business

Taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing is one of the ways that companies become more competitive, according a recent study of CFOs. “Outsourcing The Back Office: The Path Toward Sustainable Benefit, “report prepared by CFO Research Services debunks several myths and shows, as one executive said, that outsourcing has become a “ticket” to the fast-changing game of business.
Here are some findings from the report:

  • 72% of executive found that their outsourcing efforts “met or exceeded” expectations.
  • 73% said they will outsource everything that is not core to their business.
  • Executives view outsourcing as way to integrate newly merger companies and to speed growth.
  • The most popular outsourcing destinations are U.S., India, China and Western Europe.

Global HR outsourcing renewal may bring in more jobs to India

Most of human resource outsourcing (HRO) contracts coming up for renewal are likely to witness a significant restructuring. This shift is likely to see more such work outsourced to India. More than 111 HRO contracts, with a combined total contract value of about $6 billion, are nearing their term end in 2010-12.

India could be world's 'third largest economy by 2012'

India could overtake Japan to become the world’s third largest economy behind the United States and China by 2012 when measured by purchasing power parity, according to a new forecast by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The accounting and professional services firm says its projections suggest China could be the largest economy in the world as early as 2020. But it warns that India will only fully realise this potential if it continues with the “growth-friendly” economic policies of the last two decades. The report, released by PwC in London last week, comes as both China and India continue to rebound from the global financial crisis faster than any of the other major economies.

The Impact Of The Coronavirus On HR And The New Normal Of Work

For the past decade I have been writing and speaking about the disruptions in the way we work, learn and communicate. In my article, Humans, Gigs and Robots Are The New Blended Workforce, I saw an increase in full time workers working side by side with gig workers and bots or digital assistants. I went on to say: the pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again!