Outbound training has proven itself as an effective training tool for Management development, personality enrichment and team building. It is gaining wide acceptance in the Corporate sector for the effective impact it is making. Our Outbound training uses the invaluable concept of experiential learning- learning by experiencing the concept. We help participants gain powerful insight into their own and their team’s work styles and behavior. In the backdrop of nature, participants are made to go through various challenging environments/tasks which in turn help them learn concepts of planning, decision-making, leadership, effective communication, survival skills and most of all teamwork. The modules offered are novel and purposeful.

Some of the features of our camps are listed below:-
  • Wide range of fun-filled learning activities that keep the participants busy.
  • Excellent Camp site in the midst of nature.
  • Lots of outdoor physical activities.
  • Campers learn to become more independent.
  • Classes aimed at personality development.
  • An insight into Survival tactics.

Endurance is a comprehensive quality; most of its components are common to all sports disciplines. At PACE OUTBOUND, we breed physical and mental robustness through various events and help strengthen the participant’s endurance level.


Would you want to challenge yourself to conquer a fear? Or help yourself get off your comfort zone? The only thing that limits us is our imagination! We have a set of exciting sporting events that help you get off your comfort zone, face your fear and conquer greater heights along with a team of friends.


High quality team building programs can greatly contribute in creating a healthy team spirit. This experience involves facilitated learning and experiential learning. We at PACE Outbound deliver this through various physiological and assessment techniques which help foster team building.


PACE Outbound takes you to that level where you can explore you inner strength and ability that helps you become more confident and ready to accept more challenges.


We at PACE OUTBOUND empower and facilitate to develop your innate qualities through various events and programs specifically designed to fuel your passion and enable you to realize your own potential.


Through the course of our program we make the candidate self-dependent with respect to every task given by us, hence empowering them to use their own ability to overcome the obstacles and find solutions. These practices make them more self-dependent rather than depending on others. This empowers an individual to stand up as a leader.