PACE Orbit Model

A consolidated framework based on the People Capability Maturity model which assesses the present HR maturity processes of organisations through an Hr Audit and facilitates them transition to an organisation wide mature Hr status to enhance productivity and output.

HRF Model (Human Resources Framework)

he role of Human Resources (HR) has evolved from being a support function to a business enabler and a catalyst over a period of time. With the aid of service providers and latest technology, HR has moved from being a cost center to a profit centre and has become an essential component in achieving corporate objectives. PACE offers its services and expertise to organisations.

ACE Model (Accelerated, Capability, Enduring)

As growth partners, PACE helps organizations drive innovation by implementing the unique ACE (Accelerate; Capable and Enduring) model to help realize significant improvement in performance. Our unique ACE model evaluates organizations on their present state of HR process maturity through a HR Audit. It facilitates organizations to move up the value chain from a Basic to a Metric and People to a Process driven organization.

  • 1
    Accelerated Level

    We assist organizations in drawing up a HR framework and also help them reduce HR costs. This translates to setting up the BASIC HR processes.

  • 2
    Capable Level

    At this level, we help organizations build a practical framework of workforce competencies that establishes the architecture of the organization’s workforce through the COMPETENCE Model.

  • 3
    Enduring Level

    Enduring Level is the Pinnacle of HR Process maturity where the Organization is outward facing and is ready to be accepted as the ‘Preferred Employer’ internally & externally. This translates to creating a METRICS driven organization which enhances Performance and thereby Productivity.

P3 Model (People Process and Productivity)

Pace helps the management to sharpen and realize the long term business vision of the organization and also builds up a healthy organizational culture based on its vision and values. In addition to allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities, outsourcing HR to PACE provides some key benefits, including providing you with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on HR resulting in increased service delivery levels and therefore leading to employee satisfaction We also increase the effectiveness of the HR delivery process thereby aiding organizational growth. All our HR processes are SLA driven. We could operate and collaborate with corporations on various models including a BOT for early start ups.

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    Are the value creating entity. Having a contended workforce is of paramount importance for the organization’s success. People power your business and ultimately provide your competitive advantage. However, unlike other assets, people need to feel appreciated and valued, and in today’s scenario a company’s biggest challenge is to provide an environment where performances are at their best.

  • 2

    Organizations moving to the next level of growth and / or process maturity, have to move away from being person dependent to being process driven. All organizations require at least one process; else it will fall through the cracks. An organization is in fact, the sum of all its processes.

  • 3

    Creating a conducive work environment, which enhances employee productivity, is essential in increasing the profits of an organization/corporation or small business. Principles of management that dictate how exactly to maximize employee productivity, centers around two major areas of focus: personal motivation and the infrastructure of the work environment.

EPM Model (Effective People Management Model)

Based on experiential learning, global benchmarks, & exclusivity; we have defined an Innovative and creative growth model. We map our client organizations into this model to assess the current maturity levels of each and every people- process. We also ensure alignment of the corporations HR strategy to the overall Organizations strategy.