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Asking about his time is a conversation starter that is great.

Asking about his time is a conversation starter that is great.

12. Sometimes Forward a photograph

Correspondence is not just written or verbal. You may also talk to a photo on occasion, delivered via text or Snapchat. It is ok to deliver a selfie that is cute, but please, ladies, don’t overdo it! Giving too numerous selfies to him will come down as self-involved or conceited.

Alternatively, mix it. Forward an image of one thing you might think he’d laugh at or a snapshot of exactly what you’re doing now.

Ask for them straight back. If he’s climbing today, require a pic regarding the summit. Having him share pictures is an excellent solution to keep him involved and may use the discussion to a new degree.

My soufflé ended up great! Simply phone me personally Julia Child! [photo associated with soufflé you made]

Such a beautiful time. Wish you had been right here! [photo of you in the coastline]

13. Day ask About His

You want it if your man asks just how your day goes, right? So does not it stay to explanation that he’d like the ditto?

If he’s having a great time, you are able to share about yours. If he’s having a poor time, you may be the neck for him to cry on (or at minimum vent at). Focus on their response and get more concerns.

Just don’t start each discussion such as this each day. That will get boring and monotonous. Keep in mind, you need to keep things fresh and interesting, maybe not repeated!

You: Hey doll! Exactly how is the day going?

Him: Grr. Perhaps not great. I have a nail within my tire. Just got atmosphere inside it now have to take it towards the tire store.

You: Oh no! That sucks. Do a ride is needed by you there? We could get coffee as you wait.

14. Keep Them Brief and Sweet

Texts aren’t e-mails. These are generally built to be brief. If you’re getting long-winded in your text to him, consider switching to a telephone call or Facetime.

Maintaining texts short also produces the chance for back-and-forth discussion. Should you have too much to state, break it in many lines to provide him to be able to read and react.

Having said that, don’t make every text you send out three terms very long. Respond in full sentences…just don’t create a wall of text!

15. Get Sexy (Whenever You’re Prepared)

Sexting is not for everybody, also it’s definitely not needed in your concept about how to text a man to help keep him interested. Nevertheless, there are various other methods for you to flirt or perhaps a little sexy without delivering a nude picture or saying one thing crude (unless you’re into that. In that case, full vapor ahead!).

Having said that, when you do need to get your flirt on, don’t jump into sexy texts too early. Hold back until you realize the man a intimacy and bit has arrived up as a topic (either through discussion or action). About it, texting can create a sense of anticipation that will make him crazy (in a good way) if you haven’t yet had sex but are thinking.

Just went a shopping that is little at Victorias Secret.. 😈

If you’re currently having sex, a steamy text can provide him reassurance you enjoyed it and looking ahead to the next occasion.

Couldn’t rest last evening. I kept replaying Sunday night over and over and over! 🔥🔥

Never ever deliver sexy texts you uncomfortable if they make. The man that is right need them or deliver them to you personally if you’re maybe not involved with it.

16. Don’t grumble

I understand that the greater amount of time spent with a person, the greater amount of comfortable you can get with him. This means you’ll open up more, plus in basic, that’s a thing that is great. Nevertheless, this doesn’t suggest you should utilize it as a way to vent or whine.

The“boy that is occasional it’s hot away!” is not any big deal, but don’t bitch regarding the employer, your children, everything. There’s a line that is fine conversing with somebody about what’s bothering you and merely whining. Understand the huge difference. If something’s really eating both you and you need to talk about any of it, save yourself it for a phone discussion or an in-person conference. Otherwise, you’ll come off as a Negative Nelly, and that’s not sexy.


Texting could be a fantastic platform for getting to understand a guy you’re dating. But look closely at their behavior instead of placing your concentrate on just how to text him to help keep him interested. Is he starting a complete lot of the conversations? Does he respond quickly? Are their responses terse or maybe more in-depth? Does he ask you questions?

But don’t simply evaluate his texts. Is he additionally making an attempt to see you in individual? If he’s not, you have what quantities to a pen pal. If you’re texting and texting without any plans around the corner, be a Sexy Confident woman and ask him away. If he makes excuses, this person doesn’t have intention of meeting you. He’s in it getting their ego stoked by your amazing texts.

Focus on making your texts flirty and appealing, but don’t count on them entirely to keep your relationship. The longer you date, the greater amount of telephone calls and meetups you ought to have.

Just how can a man is kept by you interested via text? Share your recommendations into the reviews below!

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