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Donald Trump’s creepy feedback about child Ivanka: a brief history

Donald Trump’s creepy feedback about child Ivanka: a brief history

A dad’s love does not explain what are you doing here

By Matthew Sheffield


In an meeting with CNN host Anderson Cooper, former Playboy model Karen McDougal chatted at size about an event she stated to possess carried out with President Donald Trump starting in 2006. One of the more notable details within the discussion ended up being her declaration that Trump compared her to his oldest daughter, Ivanka.

“He said I happened to be gorgeous like her and, you understand, ‘you’re an intelligent girl.’

There was clearlyn’t a complete large amount of comparing, but there is some. I heard great deal about her,” McDougal told Cooper.

Many dads are far more than pleased to sing the praises of the daughters’ minds and beauty, but Trump’s respect for Ivanka appears to be far beyond standard — especially when compared with their daughter that is youngest, Tiffany.

The president has a long history of strange actions and remarks about Ivanka while McDougal seems to think that Trump’s comments about Ivanka were not that out of line.

Throughout a 2011 meeting with InTouch mag about an event that she claims to possess conducted with Trump in 2006, porn actress Stormy Daniels stated that Trump compared her to Ivanka too. “He said as soon as she said that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful, smart, just like his daughter.

The Associated Press reported that eight former crew members of “The Apprentice” said Trump frequently made remarks about having sex with show contestants and also allegedly compared a camera operator’s attractiveness to Ivanka in an October 2016 news story. The newest York circumstances reported in might of 2016 that https://tagged.reviews/match-review/ a Miss that is former Universe advertised Trump had expected her if their child had been “hot,” when Ivanka ended up being 16 yrs . old.

However it isn’t simply other people stating that Trump has made remarks about their daughter’s sex appeal. He’s made similar reviews during publicly broadcast radio and tv interviews. Trump has also utilized the exact same phrasing to explain another porn celebrity whoever look he admired.

The late adult film actress during a February 12, 2007 appearance on radio host Howard Stern’s show, Trump heaped praises on Anna Nicole Smith.

“When she stumbled on ny, we saw Anna Nicole Smith the day that is first week that she was at nyc. She had been 6 legs tall. She had the body that is best. She had the most useful face. She had the hair that is best I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Trump’s accolades for Smith echoed terms he utilized to appreciate Ivanka, then 22, within a 7, 2004 conversation with stern january.

“You understand who’s one of many great beauties around the globe, based on everyone? And I also assisted produce her, Ivanka,” Trump boasted.

He continued: “My child, Ivanka. She’s 6 foot high, she’s got the most useful human anatomy. She made a great deal cash as a model—a considerable amount.”

Throughout a March 6, 2006 joint look from the daytime television talk show “The View,” Trump joked about dating Ivanka, when asked what he would think that she had posed for Playboy if he saw.

“It would be— that are actually disappointing really — but it would depend on what’s within the magazine,” he stated.

“I don’t think Ivanka would accomplish that, although she comes with an extremely good figure. I’ve stated if Ivanka weren’t my child, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

The year that is next Trump mentioned this remark during an October 10, 2007 discussion with Stern. He reported which he ended up being merely wanting to be amusing. “I’m kidding. I’m kidding around, I’m having fun,out of context” he said, saying that media organizations loved taking him.

Later on into the meeting, nonetheless, Trump raised Ivanka on their initiative that is own when asked him who he could be dating if he had been solitary.

“There aren’t a lot of of these. I’ll inform you, I’m sure both you and We have talked about this within the full years,” Trump responded. “The most stunning ladies aren’t the main superstars as you understand it is possible to name like, you understand, someone said Charlize Theron.”

“To be truthful, i do believe Ivanka is way better looking him he thought the actress had been “hot. than her,” Trump stated, after Stern told”

Later on within the meeting, Trump once once once again talked about Ivanka unprompted whenever Stern asked him to call some body famous who’d a “10” attractiveness score.

“Umm, Ivanka,” the future president responded. Paris Hilton ended up being the actual only real other woman Trump could consider in addition.

During a look very nearly precisely one 12 months earlier, on October 10, 2006, Trump talked about Ivanka’s breasts after Stern asked him if their child had gotten breast augmentation surgery.

“No, she did not. We am talking about I would personally determine if she did. The clear answer is not any. Why? Did she look a tad bit more fat?” he responded. “She’s really for ages been really voluptuous,” Trump included.

Through the 2016 Republican National Convention, Trump’s experts took aim at their embrace of Ivanka after she introduced him while the last presenter:

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