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It is best to respond to them connecting the previous email messages you received from their store.

It is best to respond to them connecting the previous email messages you received from their store.

gordon nilsson says

hi sara yes i have inked that see just what takes place gordon

I don’t understand what to complete. After reading the responses whenever everybody else got their e-mail / payments, we emailed them asking where my payment / e-mail had https://badcreditloanmart.com/payday-loans-nv/ been. I’d responded for them utilizing a contact thread from final where they confirmed they’d received my claim, my change of bank / address etc so they could see all the details year. I experienced no answer. We delivered another brand new e-mail 10 times later on asking for many types of acknowledgement – nevertheless absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing! It’s been 3 months now. They can’t be called by us and they’re perhaps not replying. I don’t actually want to bombard these with still another e-mail but i do want to know where my cash is! Any suggestions about the things I may do?

Sara (Debt Camel) says

They have stated they’re going to try a payment that is second at the earliest opportunity, surely prior to the end of July.

I am aware it is irritating you haven’t had an answer. I realize they’ve been working through the emails they have been sent.

I am hoping so! We guess I’m concerned that along with their not enough communication now, then somehow get missed off a 2nd payment run too I’ve got no hope of seeing any money and won’t be able to do anything about it if I. Will simply have to keep every thing crossed 🙂

Chantal Smith says

Hi, I’ve got the problem that is same problem with Wonga. You can’t phone anybody and I also email them to get no reaction. I do believe that we’re just planning to need to overlook it, unless anyone arises with any benefit tips. I’ve stopped emailing the Wonga Administrators for the present time.

They are even even worse compared to the Wonga administrators

Chantal Smith says

In what manner? I’m hearing nothing from their store exactly the same you are? And like we can’t find your claim, do you have any reference numbers from Wonga etc if I do it’s.

D Anderson says

Hi i have already been the exact same email messages backwards and forwards inc most of the re re payment details etc and also the only reaction we have actually now has is I got a emailing confirming payment but the wrong acc that they can’t find my claim Yet

No heard absolutely absolutely nothing right right back

Starting to think we won’t ever actually see this cash now

gordon nilsson says

hi D Anderson am same issue that i had no claim to make although they gave me a customer claim number and sent me emails last year and on 20th may told me that will be get some money still waiting as you back and forward also say

D Anderson says

They apologise for not updating my bank details last year etc and will make payment within the next 2weeks as oppose to the next 2months due to these mistakes so I have had a response today advising

They will have verified my dividend re re payment has bounced right right back through the account that is old

Guessing these are generally waiting to guarantee they get all of the payments that are incorrect additionally

Or even currently i suggest this as I experienced all this work to my final email We sent

E-mail ref and date once they confined that they had changed bank details

E-mail ref from dividend re re payment e-mail

Customer quantity in the dividend e-mail

Name address current email address when taking the loan initially

Currant bank details email include and address that is postal

Hope this can help and hope you all have a reply soon

That’s news that is great! There’s hope i shall get an answer soon then – thanks for sharing.

D Anderson says

Fingertips crossed Nicki, inform me when you obtain a reply

Finally got an answer yesterday! The‘it that is usualn’t procedure, deliver us your proper bank details and we’ll make re re payment within 2 months’ reaction. Fingertips crossed they are doing plus it’s at some point!

I simply received a message (after delivering 4 for them during the last weeks that are few saying they are going to resend with in 2 months. I am hoping its much sooner, that appears like a time that is long.

hi all had e-mail saying second effort being made cash must certanly be in within 1 week

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